‘Envelope’ Bag Closing Technique

I have a lot of fun reading other people’s earthbag blogs. This is a great way to pick up ideas and see what others are up to. You might even have some laughs. Two very fun and interesting blogs by a couple in Canada are All you need is mud and Canadian Dirtbags. Today’s post … Read more

Fastest Corner Pinning Method?

I’ve tried quite a few corner pinning methods to prevent corners of bags from sticking out in the plaster. We keep getting faster and faster, and using fewer, less expensive materials. This latest method uses just one stitch of galvanized wire and is the fastest, easiest, least expensive method I know of. Cut pointed ends … Read more

Closing Earthbags with Tag Attachers

Patti Stouter has been experimenting with tag attachers to more rapidly close earthbags. She realizes this isn’t for everyone, but may be helpful for those in certain countries. Patti sent the following text. “I bought an Avery Dennison Mark 3 with 1/2 inch tags. This is a very lightweight inexpensive one, made for putting tags … Read more

Closing Ends of Earthbags

From time to time we’ll post answers to reader’s questions. Q: What methods can be used to close the ends of earthbags? A: Most people fold the bag ends over and then butt the folded end tight against the previous bag. (This keeps the contents intact and prevents spillage.) That’s the fastest way. If money … Read more