Earthbag Building Guide in Spanish

Good news. The Spanish version of my Earthbag Building Guide is 99% complete thanks to the tireless efforts of Zafra and Daniel. They carried the torch after a previous volunteer started the initial translation. We’re now looking for one or more volunteers who are skilled in proofreading/editing, PDFs and Spanish. The remaining tasks involve proofreading … Read more

Earthbag Building Guide Sample Text Part 2

It’s worth emphasizing that even though quite a bit of the content has been previously published on our various websites everything has been carefully distilled, updated, vetted by peer review and organized for maximum clarity. Dozens of new photos and drawings aid in understanding. The editing process alone took about six months to refine the … Read more

Earthbag Building Guide Sample Text Part 1

Note how each step is written. There’s a title for each step, a bulleted summary and then a concise description. There’s usually a photo and/or drawing for each main step (a picture is worth a thousand words) and links to my YouTube videos. I believe this interactive process — reading, looking at detailed photos and … Read more

Earthbag Building Guide Book Review at Renaissance Ronin

Here’s an excerpt from Renaissance Ronin’s Blog. He’s really hilarious (and a very good architect). Owen’s new book: The Earthbag Building Guide is about as comprehensive and well organized a book on the subject of Earthen Homes as ANYONE might like. In fact, if you can’t go out and actually build an Earthbag home after … Read more

Earthbag Building Guide Acknowledgements

The peer review process for this book has included input from other earthbag builders. I would like to thank all those who participated in our Earthbag Building 2.0 contest and others who made contributions. Gathering the best new ideas from the best builders has helped make this a better book. Contributors include Dr. Bill Taha, … Read more

Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 2

More book reviews: “This book is very useful for anyone interested in working with earthbags…even those who have experience, since there are many new and innovative concepts presented. It embraces all aspects of safely constructing vertical earthbag walls, discusses ways to insulate and plaster them, and talks about roof options and other details. It even … Read more