American Clay Plasters

For those who are curious about how to finish interior earthbag walls, take a look at this video by American Clay. Their website explains how “earthen plasters allow you to infuse your office with the texture, color and character of the natural world. Transform your home from a place you live into a place with … Read more

Part 2: Applying Earthen Plaster

Part 1: Earthen Plaster Summary covered the basics of clay, sand and mixing earthen plaster. This next post explains how to apply earthen plaster to earthbag walls. First, I want to say how incredibly simple this is. It’s as basic as smearing mud on the walls. But a little added know how will help everything … Read more

Part 1: Earthen Plaster Summary

Here’s an overview of how we plastered the interior of our roundhouse with earthen plaster. After reviewing the various recipes and techniques, we decided to keep things as simple as possible. No doubt some of the extra plaster additives like manure and wheat paste can be helpful, but we wanted to see the results of … Read more