Husk Power Systems

“Husk Power Systems designs, installs and operates biomass-based power plants. Each plant uses proprietary gasification technology to convert abundant agricultural residue (procured from local farmers) into electricity, which is then distributed to rural households and micro-enterprises through a micro-grid system – providing a better quality, cheaper way to meet their need for energy.

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Save $100,000 on Zero Energy Homes

I was browsing Build it, one of my favorite websites, and found the Montague Urban Homestead zero energy home pictured above. I was initially attracted to the home design by its simple lines and potential for do-it-yourself owner-builders (the focus audience of our blog). But then I saw the $180,000 price tag and was … Read more

E-Cat Energy Catalyzer: Unlimited Low Cost Energy?

A potential breakthrough technology, the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer, that produces inexpensive energy is rapidly gaining attention. There was another successful test of the E-Cat on October 6 with noted scientists independently taking measurements, inspecting and weighing all parts before and after the test, etc. More and more scientists are saying it works, including a … Read more

Surrounded with Everything We Need

Follow me for just a moment as I try to explain how everything we really need is right before us – often in abundance – if we choose to look carefully. I’ll limit this discussion to homebuilding, but the same is true with friendships, love, joy, etc. I’ll start this train of thought with subsoil … Read more

Why is there an Energy Crisis?

A BIG issue in everyone’s lives today is increasing fuel costs. (Don’t be fooled by [temporary] low prices. They’ll be going back up shortly due to limitations in oil production.) High oil prices are connected to peak oil and gas production, wars to secure limited resources and climate change. These problems are all a consequence … Read more

Why is There an Energy Crisis?

A few BIG issues in everyone’s lives today are rising fuel costs (which is connected to peak oil and gas production), wars to secure limited resources, and global warming – all a consequence of our overconsumption and dependence on non-renewable energy. These problems are not going away any time soon. The seriousness and scope of … Read more