Foamglas Blocks, Gravel and Insulation Board

Foamglas cellular glass insulation
Foamglas cellular glass insulation

We’re starting work on the Wiki Natural House project in the UK. At this point it looks like we will use three foam glass products: foam glass blocks, foam glass insulation board under the slab floor and foam glass gravel in the tires. This plus the straw bale walls plus R-40 roof insulation and good windows will give us a superinsulated house.

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Recycled Polystyrene Insulation

Those living in extremely cold climates such as Canada and Alaska need lots of insulation so their home is warm and comfortable. We typically recommend using scoria, pumice, perlite and vermiculite, but from what we’ve been told these materials are not readily available or cost effective in the far north. Hideo, one of our readers, … Read more