More Uses for Pallets

We’ve already covered a wide range of things that can be made with salvaged shipping pallets. Use the built-in search engine (now much improved!) to get ideas for pallet furniture, wood cladding, ceilings and other items. This blog post lists some additional uses for pallets. Craft projects such as children’s toys, mirrors, coat racks, magazine … Read more

Craftsmen-built Furniture

There’s a level of fine woodworking that borders on philosophy, as you can glean from some of the masters who work in this field. “…form is only a beginning. It is the combination of feelings and a function; shapes and things that come to one in connection with the discoveries made as one goes into … Read more

Earthbag Furniture

Looking for the perfect furniture for your new earthbag home?  Everyone’s familiar with bean bag furniture, but most brands use polystyrene fill, a possible carcinogenic.  Consider making your own furniture filled with rice hulls as an all natural fill. Rice hulls are surprisingly comfortable.  I discovered this by accident about six months ago when I … Read more