Extra Courses Versus Raising the Site

One good method to raise a structure high enough to prevent moisture damage is to build on high ground and/or raise the building site (building pad). This is what I’ve done on our earthbag structures so far. We spread out truckloads of road base where the building would go, drove a truck back and forth … Read more

Another Earthbag Foundation Method

I published my preferred earthbag foundation method in my new book Earthbag Building Guide. It still seems to be the strongest method because it locks 1-1/2 courses of earthbags below grade. With this method, the site is raised prior to building the foundation with stable fill material such as road base, and compacted by driving … Read more

Bullet Resistance of Gravel

What’s the most effective way to provide bullet resistance for your home? Here’s a field trial test of Joel Skousen’s gravel wall system. Compare the bullet resistance of this system to: Sand bags Compressed earth Impact testing compressed earth by black powder cannon