Final Earthbag Book Cover Photo

Goldmund Lukic, a professional photographer, was kind enough to reshoot Julien’s house in Koh Phangan for the cover of my upcoming earthbag book. Click on the photo to see it full size. You might remember the previous blog post about this. Someone left a comment and strongly encouraged me to redo the photo professionally. Well, … Read more

Phangan Earthworks

Co-founders Hubert Huot and Julien Balmer in Koh Phangan, Thailand have started a new website to promote earthbag building. Their jungle hillside property on Koh Phangan island is a tropical paradise and was the site of a workshop I was involved with in May. There are numerous beautiful structures at Phangan Earthworks that you can … Read more

Koh Phangan Workshop Report

This is just a short summary of my experience teaching an earthbag workshop in Koh Phangan this weekend. We’ll be posting more later because Julien and Hubert, the hosts of the workshop and the driving force behind the project, are doing such outstanding work. They have a number of interesting, photogenic structures on their yoga … Read more