Low Cost Recycled Earthbags

Hello, would you and your earthbag associates, Mr. Hart and Ms. Stouter, be willing to add us as a source for used 50lb feed bag earthbags?


100% of the money goes to Humanity for Horses, an animal rescue sanctuary in the Mount Shasta area. They have horses, of course, but also burros, llamas, alpacas, goats and sheep.

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How to Locate Recycled Bags

I love interacting with readers through email and the Comments section. In addition to helping readers, this interaction is a regular source of new ideas and inspiration. Here’s a recent example. A reader left a comment about the high price of mesh bags they encountered. My first reaction was “well, that was just one supplier, … Read more

Feed Sacks as Sandbag Substitutes

Kelly and I try to track everything about earthbags and sandbags.  Here’s a suggestion I came across on a January 4, 2009 post at SurvivalBlog.com.   It’s another example of the amazing versatility of building with bags. “We came across a small discovery here on our ranch. We feed many animals and four dogs. So we … Read more