Recycled Glass Insulation

Recycled glass insulation by Knauf
Recycled glass insulation by Knauf

I’m always on the lookout for sustainable natural building materials. Recycled glass insulation is not only made in part with recycled glass, it’s also effective at reducing energy costs and improving the acoustics in homes and businesses. EcoBatt insulation caught my eye because it appears to be the largest brand of recycled, non-toxic glass insulation in the US. A few other brands are listed below, some of which are available in Europe.

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Crushed Glass in Plaster

Here’s a great way to add color in your home. Add some crushed recycled glass in the final coat of plaster to make your house sparkle. The text below is from a Chinese supplier (edited for clarity). Color: clear, dark blue, light blue, aqua blue, light green, dark green, black, white, golden yellow, yellow, purple, … Read more