Unveiling the Air Crete Rocket Stove Bread Oven

Darwin from the Honey Do Carpenter takes the door for the bread oven out of it’s frame and walks us through the ins and outs of the air motion and why he used aircrete in an oven. This stove can be used on any flat surface including a regular wood stove, a propane burner or a fire pit. Even though the weather is heating up and I will be doing my off grid cooking outdoors I will still be able to use the oven on my other cooking surfaces. I can’t wait!

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Rocket Stove with Oven

This is one of the best ovens I’ve seen! It’s super low cost and simple. “By simply using clay and organic matter you can create an oven that is beautiful, versatile, energy efficient and it will cook delicious meals. We want to share this idea because we believe it can create business opportunities and help … Read more