Roofed Half Dome Design

My Hobbit House is just the right size for a roofed half dome earthbag home.
My Hobbit House is just the right size for a roofed half dome earthbag home.

This is a new house design that I just thought up yesterday. Basically, it’s a dome shape that’s cut off at the 8’ height level with a roof on top. The main benefit is to replace the harder to build top portion of the dome with a faster, easier to construct roof that will protect the earthbag walls. This is a good design for earthquake regions like Nepal that get a lot of rain. Lightweight roofs are preferable to heavy roofs in seismic areas, plus domes will have moisture problems and mold in rainy climates. Metal roofing would be a good choice for this design.

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“Here is a video which may be interesting for you: Namely the installation of a corrugated metal roof on one of our domes, “Cacao Dome”. This dome (not to be mistaken with the other you have documented – the EcoRancho and/or Majestic Dome, both in La Chorrera) suffered a lot in the rainy season to the point that we could not use as living quarters during the rainy season.

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Peace Dome with Thatch Roof

Roofed domes are a very practical alternative to plastered domes in rainy climates. Plastered domes are vulnerable to roof leaks, and require rather extensive waterproofing and maintenance. Thatch can be very inexpensive in some areas. The thatched roof on our roundhouse, for instance, was only $100 for materials. This type of thatch typically lasts for … Read more