Norwegian Jordkjeller (Earth Cellar)

Here’s a comment by poster ilekjer at I was actually planning to build an earth-cellar, kinda like the ones built here in Norway for a couple of thousand years. They were/is used primarily for storing vegetables and food. They hold the temperature roundabout 8-10 °C in summertime and about 4-6 °C in the winter. … Read more

Alderleaf Earthbag Rootcellar

“With patience and persistence, many hands came together to make the Superadobe Root Cellar project possible. The project is now very near completion, with the main body of work completed. Here Danny R., Phil J. and Steve N. celebrate a day of work completed. Finishing touches will be to back-fill around the root cellar, do … Read more

Free Rootcellar Plans

Rootcellars have always been a hot topic among earthbaggers and homesteaders and other self-sufficient folks, so when Luke, who has been very helpful running the Earthbag Building Blog Facebook fan page asked for input on a rootcellar design I was happy to help. Earthbag rootcellar features: – Standard 15” earthbag walls with lower courses filled … Read more

Earth Hands and Houses Dome in Sussex, England

The Earth Hands and Houses Blog has some good photos of the first earthbag dome (a root cellar) in Sussex, England. The workshop was taught by Paulina Wojciechowska, an architect and author of Building with Earth, a guide to Flexible-Form earthbag construction, who has been studying, building and teaching natural building since 1996. Nicholas Harris, … Read more

Earthbag Rootcellar

Here’s a real nice earthbag/ferrocement rootcellar plan from Karl in the Missouri Ozarks. It is 8’ across, has 2’ of soil on top and beautiful stonework in front. Great job Karl! Karl describes his rootcellar in more detail: The U-shape on the top of the bags is a row of cement beam block that will … Read more