Asturian hórreo: old granary on pillars as tiny summer cabin

“In Northern Spain, small farmers have stored their crops in “hórreos”- a granary raised on pillars – since the 13th century. Mainly found in regions like Asturias and Galicia, this construction is now part of the architectural heritage and is protected by the government. Many homeowners have restored these elevated structures for storage, parking (underneath) or even as tiny cabins.

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Medieval Spanish Ghost Town Becomes Self-sufficient Ecovillage

“It’s a utopian fantasy- discover a ghost town and rebuild it in line with your ideals-, but in Spain where there are nearly 3000 abandoned villages (most dating back to the Middle Ages), some big dreamers have spent the past 3 decades doing just that.

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Natural Homes Made of Earth

Luis J. Barragàn sent me notice of their new program in Spain, as explained below. Our contribution to the new paradigm of this century is healthy and natural homes made of earth. Me and a group of friends are immerse in an spectacular project, this is the building of adobe houses here in Spain. It … Read more