Small Wood Stoves for Small Homes Andrew, one of our readers, suggested a blog post about small stoves for all those planning small earthbag homes. This is a great idea because earthbag buildings are highly efficient and so in many cases all you need is a small stove. The emphasis here is on small, low cost, do-it-yourself wood stoves that … Read more

Tiny: The Documentary about Living Small

[vimeo w=400&h=225] TINY: A Story About Living Small (Teaser Trailer) from TINY on Vimeo. Here’s another great find from The video is due out in Spring 2012. Visit the website below for the latest updates. Tiny – a story about living small

Disaster Resistant Hemispheric Dome

This 20′ interior diameter, 314 sq. ft. design is my proposed solution to Dustin’s dilemma in Florida for houses that can withstand repeat hurricanes. See How to Build the Strongest Buildings That Can Last Centuries for more details. Features include: lexan windows with removable window and door shutters, monolithic geopolymer slab floor that’s integrated with … Read more

Carriage House and Guard Tower

These structures complete the series for my Earthbag Castle: Custom Chonburi, Tower House, Carriage House and Guard Tower. Now, everything has to be put together inside the castle wall. Stay tuned. The Carriage House is a garage with some shop space and a second floor apartment for extended family or ‘servants’. The Guard Tower serves … Read more

$300 Earthbag House

Description: 11.1 sq. m. interior, 5.4 sq. m. sleeping loft, 11.2 sq. m. patio for cooking and socializing. Single units can be expanded by adding on in any direction or joined to create multi-unit structures. Almost all materials are free or recycled: grain bags, rubble, clay, door, security bars, earthen plaster and floors, or locally … Read more