Thank you Owen — 6 Comments

  1. I had no idea he just passed away. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss. Oh, my God!

    All that aside, I’d like to thank him for inspiring to choose this for my future home.

  2. Same here. Been working on my retirement home for the last couple of years. Will finish this year. Never would have started without Owen.

    Rather than barbed wire used some kind of uprights?in our straight walk in about 8ft x 17ft used barbed wire no need to buttress under size ! Jehane at 3 moons project

    • With the hyperadobe technique it is often possible to dispense with the barbed wire because the layers of courses meld together through the mesh and the mesh helps provide the tensile strength.

  4. Owen sounds like a great human being. Happy to hear of individuals like him making a difference in the world. I am james Live in Thailand I want to help poor hill tribe people to build some homes with earth products. I want to find people who want to help this tribe build one house then then can do the rest on their own maybe start building for others . If anyone is interested in helping an any way with resources or physically help designing all aspects I w know they will greatly appreciate. Sincerely James

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