The Adobe Temple of the Sun in Peru

The Temple of the Sun is a large adobe pyramid built by the Moche civilization near modern-day Trujillo, Peru. The Moche civilization is believed to have existed in the region between around 100 AD and 800 AD, long before the Inca took over the region. The Temple of the Sun is located in the center of what was once the Moche capital city, which had canals that brought water into the city.

The Temple of the Sun was built in stages with new layers of mud brick being added to old layers as various rulers expanded and rebuilt the temple. By 450 AD it had eight stages of construction, and it is estimated that it contained over 130 million mud bricks. It is thought to be the largest mud brick monument in the Americas, with a height of 41 meters or 135 feet.

The Temple of the Sun seems to have been used not only for ritual and ceremonial activities, but it may also have been a royal residence and had burial chambers.

In contrast to the mud-brick-building civilizations of the coastal deserts, the Incas of the mountains built their monumental structures out of stone.

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  1. It certainly would be cool to see some modern homes and other buildings constructed in the same architectural styles as the ancient temples! The structures would be truly unique, eco-friendly and could be excellent places to live, work and play.


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