The Broken Earth Foster Village

James and Suzanne McConnell, co-founders of The Foster Village, are creating a self sustaining earthbag eco-pueblo pilot program for foster teenagers near Ojo Caliente, NM.  Children living full time in an eco-pueblo along with their visiting parents, when appropriate, will work side-by-side, interacting and caring for animals, gardening, building earthbag domes, milking goats, making cheese – engaging in natural activities designed to reconnect them with nature and creation. The goal is reconnecting children and their parents, when possible, to their purpose in the world and their position in the circle of life.

Beehive Floorplan

In addition to The Foster Village, Broken Earth began offering Beehive Home Building Courses in the spring of 2008. This program is structured a bit like the Habitat for Humanity program, whereby people who have participated in a course will be the first in line to receive help building their own Beehive Home. Other similar courses cost over $1,500, their course cost $150 and runs three times as long. Workshop sign-up page:

More information on beehive dwellings:

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