The Case for Using Sustainable Building Materials

This article launches my new blogging gig at Mother Earth News, the leading US publication on sustainable living.

Recently, I had an epiphany in a building supply center while looking at the thousands of products used to construct modern buildings. Even though I’ve been in the building trades for over 35 years and made countless trips to purchase building supplies, this trip was different. You see, I’ve been immersed in writing a new earthbag building book and now the differences in the way I build and the way most of modern society builds has been brought into even sharper relief.

Read more at Mother Earth News Blog.

5 thoughts on “The Case for Using Sustainable Building Materials”

  1. I have recently came across your blog and I am enjoying it immensely.

    I plan to build my own home using straw and minimal timber and pole construction. I hadn’t known about earthbag building till I happened onto your blog.

    My question is can earthbags be a suitable foundation for a straw home? My original plan was to pour a concrete foundation. But can earthbags do the same job? Also would you drive the rebar posts, that normally would be set in the concrete for the first layer of straw bales, through the earthbags without comprimising stability?


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