The Good Work of Good Earth Global

A recent newsletter from Good Earth Global features some good news about earthbag projects that they have completed in Nepal. Owen Geiger used to do quite a bit to help them with training and logistics. The pandemic has slowed their work considerably, but now they are back in action and have completed two more earthbag houses in Kavre.

Sun Maya Shrestha, a farm laborer and the mother of two children received one of the houses.  After losing her husband to cancer they were forced to live in a squalid hovel unfit for human habitation.

The second recipient is Sushila Tolange, who has a young son and two teenage daughters. They escaped an abusive husband and father and lived at temporary shelter. Now both families are able to live independently, and both single moms can pass their houses down to their kids and grand kids.

Here is the proud team that has been doing all of the building, despite the hardships.Good Earth Global asks that if you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring another house get in touch with them and they will match you with a rural Nepali family in desperate need. To learn more about the widows project, watch the brief builders of tomorrow video here.

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