Tiny Strawbale House? Beautiful!

“This little house was built as a hermitage at a church but it could just as easily be used as a super efficient minimalist home!

I think these rounded, thick buildings are beautiful and their energy saving properties are out of this world! To contact the builder go to Paja Construction.com (Since 1991, over 86 houses, 320 privacy walls, and tens of thousands of hours on-site.)”


7 thoughts on “Tiny Strawbale House? Beautiful!”

  1. Monsieur Geiger,

    I have enjoyed your videos, articles, advices, plans and various contributions you have generously made available to everybody.

    Merci !

    • I get thank you emails almost every day so I know our site is doing lots of good. Very few people say anything negative.

      And by the way, we’re always looking for great content. If you see a good story, website, cool house, etc. please send it to me. The easy low hanging fruit has already been picked and it’s getting more time consuming to find great stories.

  2. I’m always disappointed to open what appears to be a fascinating article only to find a video. Where is the promised article that I can read, study and learn from? The majority of anyone’s videos are 90% bling, fluff, and self-stroking with minimal solid information.An indepth researched written article is always more enlightening.

    • Who promised you articles every day? This is a free site. I do what I have time for. Remember I have a life doing other things. I do spend thousands of hours scouring the Internet for the best content so to say “it’s just another video” sounds a bit rude/unappreciative. Fact: there’s no other website or blog that I know of that has so much high quality content — almost 3,000 blog posts for free! And it’s all searchable by keyword and topic.

      • I apologize. I’m deaf and limited pretty much to the written word. I don’t mean to dismiss your hard work nor the quality of the videos. In a world going more and more to videos, I often find myself on the outside hungering for the information that’s just out of my reach. I get frustrated and should not take it out on you. My problem, not yours. Please forgive me.

        • Sure thing. Actually, it would be nice to have more well written articles…

          This reminds me — we are always looking for useful tips. Please contact me if you see really good websites, special products, etc.


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