Top 10 Earthbag House Plans by Owen Geiger

Roundhouse/Dome Cluster (click to enlarge)
Roundhouse/Dome Cluster (click to enlarge)

Most of you know about my Earthbag House Plans site, now with over 120 designs, but most readers are not aware which plans are most popular. Here’s the list… [drum roll…]

1. Roundhouse/Dome Cluster
2. Earthbag Survival Shelter
3. 33’ (10m) Roundhouse: 2 bedroom
4. Pod Houses
5. Enviro Dome
6. Enviro Dome 2
7. Roundhouse Cluster
8. Spiral Dome Magic 1&2
9. Hobbit House
10. Peace Dome

All orders from include a free copy of my Earthbag Building Guide.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Earthbag House Plans by Owen Geiger”

  1. Hello Mr Geiger,
    I have been dreaming of this day approximately 2yrs and am now ready to purchase the plans… My problem though is that I would like a modified torus. I would like a octagon shape w/4 bedrooms and a master bedroom w/an on suite bathroom, completely enclosed, with no courtyard, but I would love a fireplace in the middle of the structure, 2 bathrooms between the bedrooms similar to jack and jill, a laundry room, living room, kitchen, 1 or 2 wood burning stoves, approximately 5 solar panels, rain catchment system, and last but not least a yurt like domed roof which may either need an inner wall or 4 beams.
    Can this be achieved and how do I order the floor plans that have these specifications? I have not found the land yet but that is my next plan of business. We’re thinking Texas, Arkansas, Virginia, Reno, or Oregon… What are you thoughts Mr Geiger?

  2. dear sir owen
    I happy to write a comment. also I would like to say please!!! could you help me to give some training about earth bag house in rural area Gorkha is the process? some rural areas peoples are intersted about it but due to lack of proper knowledge on that house they are still confuse to built the house.if possible please help me to supply some training in rural area Gorkha.
    best regard
    Raju Adhikari
    civil engineer

  3. Hi there
    I am interested in the craftsman house. I wanted to know what kind of roof and ceiling plan it came with, as I am looking for a simple roof with exposed rafters.

    • You can build any style roof you want. The basic plans assume standard wood trusses from a truss factory. This is typically the lowest cost, easiest and most efficient way to roof a house in many parts of the world. You can order all kinds of trusses from a truss company, including exposed rafters, sloped ceilings, etc. etc.

  4. Hallo! It’s me again. I hope you can answer me again to some questions:
    1. I have a concrete foundation. Now, I should put some material betwen foundation and first lear of earthbags? And how the earthbags stick to the foundation?
    2. The content of the earthbags should be necesary like a stone after they dry, or they can remain sandy? It’s that afecting the strongness of the wall?
    3. For my climat, where is cold time about 6 months in the year, plasering the walls with the earth it is not enaf for the insulation? Or I should make another exterior wall for the insulation?
    Thank you!


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