Trainer Needed in Columbia

We just got this request today. It’s a unique opportunity because they own the polypropylene bag factory and the government is supporting their cause. Please contact them directly if interested. Here is their email in full.

Right now Colombia- South America is living the worst rainy season ever in history. Floods are spreading over the country which have caused terrible disasters affecting approximately 2 million people and causing to date hundreds of deaths. My family owns a polypropylene bag factory in Barranquilla, Colombia and in Mexico (, because of different forums and relationships with customers we´ve got to know about the earthbag house solutions. My dad, Rodrigo Plata, has been a promoter of development initiatives in our hometown Barranquilla and wants contribute to the problem, that is why he has asked me to write you for we think the earthbag houses can be a solution meanwhile people are relocated and new houses are constructed (right now people are sleeping in schools, tents, and stadiums). I would like to know if you will be interested in teaching us how to built this houses, probably if someone could come down to Barranquilla (only a 2.5 hour flight from Miami) as soon as possible and show us how to construct them we could arrange the trip. We have direct contact with the national government and they have expressed their interest in learning more about this solution. Best regards and thank you for your kind help, Ana María Plata Cel: (57) 320 521 6879

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