Transition Asheville Housing & Building Group – Earthbag Home — 8 Comments

  1. Does anyone know of an earthbag home in NC open to tour or stay in? I want to build one so I want to visualize what the end product might look like.

  2. Permits..??? I’m west of Asheville in Roxboro on a little over an acre and have a lot of things that have been brewing in my mind for several years. Just wondering how hard it is to deal with “officialdom” in that area. Used to live in Weaverville, just north of Asheville and would love eventually to get back to that area. I’m a sucka for trout fishing and mountain biking. Where better than Asheville?

    • Asheville is one of the top picks for natural builders. For some reason there are places like this where people are more tuned in to natural building and homesteading in general.

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