Two Women Build an Earthbag Home — 9 Comments

  1. Yes! Me too! Check my face book, photos,album, little domes, thanks always to you , sharing with us all! Next year, we’ll make an 11ft, with mesh roll check it out next spring

  2. I have seen a house with polished bamboo on the walls that the wiring run through…looked for nice…all the 90 degree angles etc were made of bamboo also.

  3. Actually, in my plans for an earthbag home, I was going to leave my wiring and plumbing semi-exposed (behind a removable protective conduit) for ease of repair. I would hate to have to go digging behind all that plaster to find one fault. Another problem would be if you forgot exactly where you did the run, and then have to figure out if your stud finder is responding to your wiring, or to the barbed wire between the bags.

  4. Owen, the visible electrical wiring might not be an afterthought but instead a clever way of lowing the property value of a house. Each room with properly hidden wiring (power, cable, telephone, and cat6) can add $1000 to the property value.

    A two room earthbag house with exposed wiring might be worth $10,000. The hidden wiring variant would be worth $12,000.

    In my area the properly wired house would be paying $162 a year in property tax, while the visible wire house would be paying $135 a year.

    • Ha ha. That’s a new one for me. I’m all for sticking it to the man whenever possible, but people have to weigh this against the hazards.

  5. They did a good job and I really like the home except it looks like the electrical was added later as an afterthought. Embed the electrical wire between bags or stick it in the recesses between bags and cover with plaster. Running the wire through conduit is another good option.

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