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  1. Hello, I would love to build an earthbag house on my plot in Tiwi, Shimba side. Are there any earthbag builders in the area who would like to do the job?

  2. We are looking for an earthbag home builder.
    we are considering an earthbag home in either Belize or java, Indonesia.
    Would like to chat with builders, show them a couple plans and get a rough idea of the cost.

  3. Join us to build a superadobe semi-vaulted house in Kilifi, Kenya for a local Kenyan family! The Musafir is organizing a bio-construction and natural building course in collaboration with Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge & Backpackers, led by expert practitioner, Tommaso Bazzechi.
    The whole course will take place over 28 days in Kilifi, Kenya from November 12 – December 10. You can also join for shorter 14-day options: November 12 – November 25 or November 26 – December 10. Register here: http://www.pamoja.musafir.org

  4. Hi,

    I am building a hobbit house made from earthbag and cord-wood, set into the hillside in Shropshire, UK. Is there anyone interested in learning how to build using these methods and would like to volunteer to help out?

    Weather permitting, I hope to earthbag throughout May and June this year (2023). And with any luck, I will be able to start on the cordwood in July.

    You can learn more by visiting the website http://www.earlsdaleretreat.co.uk and If you would like to volunteer, use the contact form on the website.

    There should be space for a tent or campervan if you would like to stay on site. However, I do not have any toilet or wash facilities, so you would need to come prepared. If you prefer to stay somewhere with facilities,, there are good B&Bs’, hotels and campsites close too.

    Kind regards
    Gavin Dransfield.

  5. Hello to all!
    Steve from Superior Sandbag System supplying rolls of UVI stabilized woven pp earthbags tube to the earthbag community since 1998. I have 14″ x 6000′ & 18″ x 3000″ rolls available to will call or ship from my facility in Southern California. Call me anytime 949-338-5978 for pricing and shipping to your location.
    As always, thank you very much.

  6. Spring and Summer 2023 Workshare Program – Moab, Utah

    Join us to learn about energy efficient, sustainable building and affordable housing in Moab, UT! This is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on work experience while serving the Moab community. Term 1 will feature notable author in natural building, Dan Chiras, in a hands-on workshop learning about earthen lime plaster.

    Free communal housing, monthly food stipends, access to bulk foods, and valuable building experience! No experience necessary.

    Visit us at http://www.communityrebuilds.org/builderbees to learn more and apply!

    April 3 – May 19, 2023; May 29 – June 23, 2023

  7. Hello,

    My name is Dane Rose and I am the CEO of Happiness Data (a NGO/nonprofit). And we are developing a community in Costa Rica that focuses on sustainable living and organic farming. We are inviting anyone that is interested in learning about gardening, permaculture, organic farming, community building, etc. We will pay for food and accommodation and provide compensation for their work. If you are interested please fill out this form https://form.jotform.com/230032593264046

    Thank You,
    Dane Rose

  8. Gentlemen, we have 131,000 20 x 34 LAMINATED WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE MISPRINT
    bags available in Hamburg New York 14075. BULK PACKED 8,000 PER/PALLET AND
    1000 PER/BALE……Dick Konefke
    dick.konefke AT eatonbag.com

  9. **Looking to volunteer on a build **

    Hello, I am Esther, a Scottish carpenter and furniture maker. I have been travelling in California and Hawaii for the last three months and plan on Mexico next.

    I took a workshop at CalEarth institute in Hesperia, to learn how to build an Adobe dome with sand bags. This course was jam packed and so inspiring!

    My main focus while traveling is
    to learn environmentally conscious approaches to building and I would very much like to volunteer with builds. So far I have visited a strawbale, an Earthship and a converted ranch, however there wasnt too much hands on work to be done.

    Does anyone know of any builds going on in Mexico just now? Or anywhere else? I’m happy to let the project lead the journey.

    I can be contacted at esthermmcintosh@gmail.com, please drop me an email with any websites/email addresses/questions you might have.

    Best wishes,


  10. Lachlan has sourced A LOT of Hyperadobe rolls and he is offering them for less than anyone else. It’s been a headache to sell these online, and he’s only lost money trying to advertise with google and start a website and e-commerce solutions. He just want to offload them. visit https://www.Down2EarthAdobe.us to get yours for $100 off per roll.

  11. Anyone have experience making an earthbag jacuzzi outdoors? Any recommendations for more info would be appreciated. I am in Vista California.

    • Hi Anna,
      How are you?
      My name is Teo and I’d be happy to hear your idea and share for a moment. I have built a Ferro-cement pond in Kaua’i, Earthbag retaining walls, Earthbag dome, aircrete dome,
      Adobe/ cob / stone benches, plastering, and many natural arts.

      It sounds like a good project you are on.
      I’m in San Diego.
      Take care, be well. 808-651-3396


  12. Hi.. I am looking for an earth bag builder in Northern New Mexico, I’m wanting to start my build in Spring 2022.. I need someone to manage the project… looking to build a fully permitted 800 sqft home.. I would like to be involved in the build and have a couple of friends who would like to be involved as well.
    I have no idea where to begin . Please contact me if you’re interested or know of someone who might be. Thank you!

  13. Howdy,
    Anyone know of any builders or contractors who specialize in earth bag construction? I currently work for a high-end custom home builder in efforts to learn as much as I can about building before I build my own. I’d much rather be building earth bag homes, etc. full time. I’m living in the Philadelphia, PA area. Any info would help (job boards, etc.). Thanks. BTW, I just found this site, and it’s going to be a gold mine for me and the family as we plan our future home!

  14. Hello! Has anyone successfully permitted or built a superadobe in Santa Fe County, New Mexico? I am looking to build specifically in Rio en Medio which is Traditional Community (TC) zoning. Thank you! You can reply here or at kulp.daniel@gmail.com. Willing to share any information I find along the way.

    • Patti Stouter says, “I know a couple of buildings have been done. You might ask architect Mark Goldman about the process. My impression is that as of this date since earthbag is not covered in the NM earth building code you would need to have some help from an architect or engineer to get approval, unless it was a building smaller than 120 sf.
      But since architects are not required to seal drawings for modest size residences, perhaps a professional could give some input instead of doing the whole drawing set so it would not be a costly process. Not sure if your area has lower requirements for permits. The building code follows the IBC and requires a lot of insulation or filling out of a complex solar gain worksheet. One way to workaround this is to build insulated exterior walls and add earth veneer inside and solid earth partitions also. Let me know what happens.”

    • Hi Daniel —

      I’m north of you, up near Taos. I just got my owner-builder plans approved in December 2020 from Taos County — but it’s for an adobe house; not superadobe. But I found the county building people to be fairly friendly to me as an owner-builder. I submitted 2 copies of my hand-drawn plans, and they asked for some additional details, and then approved them. I didn’t need an engineer or architect stamp. — So, perhaps a takeaway from my experience is to get to know your building inspectors and ask lots of questions — they are there as a resource, in my opinion.

  15. ALOHA! My wife and I are moving back to The Big Island of Hawai’i. I’d love to build an earthbag home in the volcano/mountain view area. I KNOW I will need help and I am hoping to find some future friends here on the Big Island who would be interested in helping my wife and I build our home. My wife is From Ka’u so there is a base of family to help but I would love to meet & work with some folks who have completed these before on the Big Island. Anyone can cut a tree down, doesn’t mean that anyone should. Just because I can fill a bag with dirt doesn’t mean I should go out and start stacking lol.

    We will be using as much recycled items as possible. I’d very much like to know if the red dirt down south point is something that could be used for the plaster? Hopeful to meet some people here on the Big Island! Thank you for this website!

  16. Hello Everyone!
    Misprinted 14″ x 6000′ Rolls of UVI stabilized woven PP earthbag tube for sale. $850/roll will call my facility in Southern CA. Call for door to door pricing direct to you. Same product I’ve been selling to the earthbag community for over 20 years. 100% thumbs up from all my customers.

  17. Hello, I am new to the group and I am planning to start this project in Kenya. Is there anyone here who has conducted such project in Kenya and would like to share their experiences? The pros and cons especially considering the climate.

  18. I’ve tried making my own earthen plaster and compared it to bought plaster- spread a thin coating on some wood or an adobe block. I save cattail heads and use the fluff as fiber in finish plaster, or use short straw (pre-digested in dry horse droppings work well). Mix soil and fiber with water, spread, let it dry out of the sun, then see if it cracks or leaves dust on your hand when you touch it… Some soils have too much silt or a type of clay that is soft. The mixes you can buy from American Clay are sturdy and beautiful.

  19. Hi Jacob. In the forest you will have topsoil, so don’t use that upper layer for building. It’s great for gardens.

    The ratio of clay to not clay (sand and silt) just shows you if it will be easy to build with. At least 30% grainy material (sand) is easy to build. But that test doesn’t show if it holds together well since different kinds of clays are stronger or weaker.
    If you’re in NW arizona I’d check the actual strength of the soil. If your site is in Category C in the low-rise map (2nd image under maps) at https://www.fema.gov/earthquake-hazard-maps that’s enough quake risk that earth buildings should be built well. If most of 10 different 3 mm dia. dried balls of your soil can’t be crushed by a 120 pound person standing (gently) on them you have soil that’s near 190 psi, a good minimum strength. More info at https://buildsimple.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/how-strong-is-my-soil.pdf

  20. Our company uses scoria to create an environmentally safe Traction Agent for winter time. We have over 500k lbs of scoria and are looking to unload this bulk material at aN extremely discounted price. We need the warehouse space for other endevours. We would be willing to sell @ $45.00 per ton or price match whatever else anyone would bring to the table. Also, if anyone is interested we could discuss the freight situation after that. Our scoria ranges from 3/4″ to 2″ in size We also have an abundance of pre-packaged 45lb bags that contain scoria and 2 different types of lime chips. We are located in Pennsylvania and our warehouse is in East Greenville. Contact Jared Gibson, Director of Operations, Gaia Enterprises Inc. Phone: 215-355-7841 ext. 109 jared AT gaiausa.com


  21. Here is a foam wall,it is built on a 8 inch footing with a two ft deep column every 8 ft.it has re bar in it that is tied through the wall at each end of the 8 ft panels.There is a tube cut out of each end with a hot wire.This is filled with concrete and has re bar that ties it to the foundation.
    Then there is a channel cut into the top of the wall that has re rod and a concrete cap. Its not much of a footing but then there is little weight.
    At this point the epoxy mortar with fiberglass is put on at about 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick and then the stucco is shot on with a texture hopper that has been opened up to about 3/8 inch orifice. This is shot at about 35 to 45 psi.
    and mixed to a pour-able thickness.
    I will post some pics of the wall in process. THANKS AND ENJOY DENNIS

  22. Hi. I used to add those pine needles to my earthen plasters. Then, I started using wild grass “Zacatón Muhlenbergia macroura”. I will never go back to pine needles for the plaster. Hwoever, when I used the pine needles I made sure to harvest only the top layer of needles laying on the ground. The ones on the bottom, having being there for longer, were brittle and not that strong. Cheers

  23. Hell I am located in the Snowflake Arizona area,up in the mountains.
    We are at around 6000 ft elevation THIS IS WHY THE R FACTOR !!!!
    Is there anyone building with solid Styrofoam blocks for construction.
    There have been a few homes built in Phoenix by green rhino homes.
    We are using 1 1/2 pound density foam,the walls are 8 inches thick and the roof is 10 inches thick.All this is glued together and then covered with an epoxy, mortar mix layer for incredible strength and then we stucco over the exterior and use drywall compound on the inside.
    When all is done,it looks like an old adobe,that has incredible R FACTOR.
    Even the roof is foam and covered with the epoxy coat then covered with
    rubberized coating for an extra measure.

    The first project we built was a double outhouse building at a local swap meet. It is 12×12 it has 4 inch walls and a 6 inch roof.
    it took 4 days with 2 guys,one man was 77 years old and I am 60, when done it was very efficient at 0 degrees outside,it was 38 inside, with no heat.
    We will be building are house and out buildings with this method on our
    85 acre ranch. I will have to figure out how to post pictures,when I do,
    I will get them up for you. Any input or questions just fire away.

    • I haven’t heard of anything built with solely with solid EPS blocks, outside of floating docks.

      Compressive loading, shear resistance, and a way to join the discrete panels means that they need to be shotcreted, ferrocemented, ICF poured, epscrete, rastra block, etc…

      I know you’re asking about masonry-eps, but I’ll tell a related little story. I have been romantically and closely following steel-eps SIPs for over 10 years. No thermal bridging like the osb variety, because they utilize T&G steel connections. They are commonly found in commercial/industrial and sometimes residential structures. Especially common in walk in coolers, food processing facilities, restaurants, and the humid southeastern hurricane prone areas. Sometimes over red iron framework if the structure has big spans. Easily engineered (I think, often included in house from manufacturer for free). Outspans and far lighter than traditional SIPS. Shipping would be rediculious to AZ though.

      Chris Steen

      • Hi Kelly thanks for the input. Check out green rhino or just you tube foam houses in phoenix, the owner is Dan Dwyer. He has been building these for years.They pass code in Phoenix With the larger structures there is a concrete core/tube put in the wall for foundation tiedown and rafter work.
        because of the epoxy, the strength is incredible,it is put on inside and out to create a complete shell that is so strong its crazy.
        This is a great way, but it is labor intensive,do to the fast work time per batch,around 20 minutes per 5 gal bucket.its ok to work with the time but you have to stay right on it,to keep flowing on your wall.
        With three guys this would be a much better flow.
        The epoxy mortar dose have fiberglass in it.They use to put mesh on the wall but with the fiber put into the mortar it cuts out the labor of putting up mesh.If the pics loaded take a look at the outhouse.
        Thanks Dennis

  24. hello….I am a 70 y.o. man who is sick and tired of working ( I have been at it since I was 17). I don’t have a pension so must try to live on SS and a PT job. I am not making it in expensive NY ( Duchess County). My rent increases each yr tho I am in a senior apartment complex. I am not poor enough to get any assistance. I thought of building a SMALL energy efficient house to get rid of 1) rent and 2) Central Hudson utilities…one of the most costly energy Cos., in the usa. After much reading I have decided upon a house close to passive standards to save on energy that is OFF THE GRID using solar PV…I like the idea of building with pre-built SIPS but do not want foam insulation prefer cellulose…straw…wood or something natural….not foam…I don’t need a big house just room enough for the three of us me my wife and 35 yo son…thats 3 br and two baths…If there are any architects, builders designers who can work with me to put together an affordable home pls contact me. I am not alone. One million people left NY state in 2017…or 2018 ( you can Google this)…becasue its just too damn expensive to live in NY unless you are making BIG money or have a pension…I am sure YOUR IDEA can be used by THOUSANDS of others like me…so I can be an investment for you…IF interested in helping pls email me at barbuto@optonline.net….thanks….anthony barbuto..poughkeepsie NY 12601

    • Hello Anthony,

      I agreed with you about how NY is too expensive, I currently live in NYC and need to work 2 jobs, working 40 plus hours each week, just to pay the bills.
      I also want to build an off grid tiny cob house in upstate, ideally around Saratoga County area. I was wondering if you were able to start your house. I am a little concerned about the building codes, etc. Also, if you, or anyone else, lives around Albany, I can volunteer to help building your adobe, cob, earthbag house, I do not have hands-on experience, but it would be great if I could help out…

  25. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone may know of any resources (such as hireable labor and tips and tricks) for those looking to eventually build an Earthbag home or some other green option? I have a fairly severe disability but I still want to do my best for the planet and my wallet. This is all very much in the early planning stages as I have no income or property. But eventually I’d like to have a home and a garden to practice permaculture (I think that’s what it’s called where you’re self sustaining for the most part). Any kind of tips would be great! Whether that’s about the garden or the home building. So far for the house I’m thinking Earthbag because that seems the most stable and safe. But if anyone can think of a better option please let me know!

    • I can recommend several of my other websites shown at the bottom of the side bar where there is a wealth of information about earthbag building and other green technologies, along with house plans that can be built that way.

    • There’s lots of info in books and on the web, but the zoning restrictions and local soil and climate of where you build will narrow your choices.
      If your disability makes heavy work difficult, also look into using light straw clay, perhaps for the upper wall on an earthbag base.
      Check back if you get to a point of having a place to build, sometimes Kelly or I can recommend some pr that might encourage volunteers, but you need a strong and committed main builder or volunteer workers can’t accomplish quality stuff.

      Patti Stouter


    • Hello Rowan.

      I am in the same boat as you. I do not have land or enough money saved to start building, but I am doing research about different natural building materials, so far Cob is my favorite. i think I would like an off grid tiny house, to start. I live in NYC, and I am planning to move further up, since is still the option to buy land (here in NYC buying land is not possible) and single-family houses cost 1 million plus dollars. I am hoping I can volunteer and help anyone who needs a hand building their natural home.

      As tips go, I am watching YouTube videos of people building their adobe, cob, earthbag, strawbale, homes, I think is good learning, also, there are books that teach you about different natural materials for building homes. there are workshops that you need to pay but can-do hands-on learning. YouTube is a great platform to learn about permaculture (I am also highly interested) and creating a homestead, etc.

      Don’t give up on your dreams, and you are not alone!
      best of luck!

  26. I am considering converting (recycling!) an old agricultural steel-framed building in southern France into a house. I would like to keep the simple steel posts and roof as the main structure but then use light straw-clay for all the walls. Does anyone have comments or suggestions on this idea? The steel would be completely enclosed inside the straw, so I am hoping that condensation issues would not be a problem, but I am a novice in this area, so advice or thoughts from people who know better would be much appreciated!

    • If the steel posts are set into or bolted onto a concrete foundation, and if the foundation is not insulated to the outside, then the posts will get cold in the winter by conducting heat to the cold concrete. Cold steel posts inside a warmer straw-clay wall will tend to act as condensation surfaces as warm air migrates through the wall. There are a few things I can think of that would help this situation: 1) insulate the exterior of the foundation. (This will be a good start, but the ground underneath the foundation can still get cold, so the concrete will still be much colder than the interior of the building.) 2) Don’t bury the posts in the middle of the wall, but leave them exposed on either the interior or exterior surface of the wall. This way the amount of condensation will be reduced and any condensation in the wall can evaporate more easily since it will be close to the surface. Another possibility that would probably help would be to wrap the posts with a non-biodregadable insulation such as building foam, and seal this up tight so that moist air can’t get into it. You might want to run this last proposal by somene else, but I suspect that it would help a lot to address your concerns.

      good luck!
      Michael G. Smith

  27. I recently purchased a home in Valley WA which is an hour North of Spokane, WA. It sits on 27 acres and the sellers left behind stacks of used tires. I would estimate 1500-3000 tires of all sizes. Even some of those huge crossfit tires.. Its important that I find a new home for these tires as I need them cleared off the property for the new buyers. If you think a stock pile of free tires would be of benefit to you or any other organization you know of please contact me at your earliest convenience! Dont let the distance be an issue. The cost for me to discard these or even sell them to a recycler is very costly so popping them in a huge truck and driving them to the desired location is something I’m sure we can work out. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you…. Matt 509-218-6065

  28. Greetings Earth-builder Aficionados,
    You’ll be glad to hear that I have invented patent-pending technology to make prefab earth walls, which I sincerely believe will revolutionise our built environment from production to construction to operation. As I’m sure you all know, earth is the most eco-friendly building material, but earth building is very labor-intensive and thus, quite expensive in the Western World. But not for long, because my prefab earth walls are made by a machine, I significantly lower the production cost and because these walls are cured, lime-washed and/or waterproof, you can quickly and efficiently construct a building. In fact a small one-storey house could be built in a couple of days. And guess what? I just did it. Check out my website: http://www.ecoearthwalz.com to learn more about my prefab earth walls and the world’s first prefab earth shack. We are still prettying up the dirt shack and we are currently installing a dirt floor. See our blogs for further details. Last but not least, these prefab earth structures will also save big bucks on operating costs, as earth walls passively regulate temperature and humidity and they are mould-free. BTW, I purposefully made my technology to be low-energy and hope to power the entire operation with solar PV power. I don’t think you can make a more eco-friendly product than this. I am looking to bring this product to market and expand operations. Please let me know if you have any interest. My email: info@ecoearthwalz.com


    I have lots of leftover 3” and 4” PVC tubes, cut about 17-18” long and colored glasses (several boxes of new glasses too as well as cut glasses that I used to make light tubes.

    I would invite someone who can use them for earth bag building (the diameter and length worked great to insert between the large sand bags and then glasses glued onto each side)

    I live in Temecula, CA zip 92592 (in between San Diego and Los Angeles) and you are welcome to pick them up. Call me 951 764-2626 or email: maydayeh@peoplepc.com

    If you are interested, I can email you the pics of exactly how many and what I have. Also pics of how I have applied them to my little meditation earth bag hut that we just finished.

    Please, no texting. Phone is the fastest and email slower.

    Cheers and Happy building!



    Hi, everyone. My brother and his wife are trying to get their tiny home built this summer. He works at the Toyota plant and thought he could go part time for a spell so he could get some work done each week, but they are discontinuing this option and now they’re stuck. He’ll have to quit his job to be able to get the work done.

    So I’m reaching out informally to see if there are some people in the area who may want to get some tiny home building experience under their belt and also help out a young couple. If anyone has any suggestions on other communities I or they can reach out to, I’d appreciate the recommendations.

  31. My kids are starting an earthbag house on their property outside Richmond,KY. They need a volunteer workforce!!
    Any ideas…suggestions?

    • I would start asking for volunteers. I am starting a single parent community to rescue single parent families from the streets. I am building earthbag and looking for donations of bags that are extra from sites no one is using. All of Northern, Arizona businesses and non profits BUT 1, has refused to help since they say it won’t make them any money for their needs or they cannot get media attention, which we don’t want. We are looking for bags first, then tools second. We are at Freedom Acres on Fb and Freedom Acres US on wordpress dot com. Currently there is a list of 6,000 families waiting for a home. We can house up to 10, then we need to consider donations to buy more land to house 30 more.

      • Tiffany, love what you’re doing. Any update? There’s a more recent post here about a person wanting someone to take over-buy of course, a n off-grid 100+acre property in N CA with some riverfront. Id be interested if could be joint venture.

  32. I’ve been building a totally ‘Off the Grid’ home in No. California for a few years. It’s on 115 acres with half a mile of Trinity Riverfront. Is there any interest in people who want to take over and somewhat update current ‘Off the Grid” property?

  33. HI i’am new to air crete but worked with cement for many years. I want to know if i should use block air crete for my dome or would using triangle blocks be better. I was allso considering doing sectional form poring.I will be useing rebar for the dome as well as fabric.

    • Chris Steen suggests: Form and mud a Ferrocement shell. Then cut in metal electrical boxes and run ENT Smurf tube conduit outside then pour aircrete on top. Plumbing in interior framed walls.

  34. We have the following for sale. A Sandbagger 2 Chute machine (Some bags come with it along with a Portable Bag closer) , We also have a Stucco sprayer, Mortar Sprayer, Epoxy grout pump, Fire Proofing sprayer (used for strawbale and earthbags) The Sandbagger machine we are wanting $3500 and the Stucco Sprayer we are wanting $4500. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XdG2yJ3Mx8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-C_V87i8YE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrrzxBtjHeE

    Contact Environmental Energy Consultants (Dan Payne) enviroec AT gmail.com


    • Closest that I know of is David Easton in Napa. I have a Hydraorm compressed earth machine that I imported from Johannesburg, South Africa for building compressed earth wall systems. I have, as yet, had Washoe County “approve” due to the required testing for the material. I have conducted my own tests and the block exceed minimum masonry code. rongray66@gmail.com

  35. Hello good people,
    I have a 33 acre riverfront property in Crysal Rey, Cayo district of Belize that myself and a friend are designing to be an organic aquaponic greenhouse farm and perma food forrest. There are already 50 mature fruit trees, each a different variety. The land is from river to mountain and has been used for grazing pasture since the 1960’s until we purchased it. I’m looking for people to partner with who have various skills to help the project like building homes with natural materials, permaculture gardening, etc. I’m a song writer and my friend has 2 decades experience in aquaponic greenhouse growing. We both live in the Northeast of USA and have only visited Belize. I would love to partner with a Belizian however we are interested in considering all who reach out. Please be in touch if this interests you- Kier

  36. Greetings, All-

    I’m interested in off-grid homesteading in Klamath County, OR. Looking for thoughts from folks familiar with the area. Anything in particular I should be especially aware of? (i.e. peculiar building codes, contaminated areas, weather issues, etc.)

    Many thanks!!

  37. Hi,
    From the cold state of Maine and own land here, but have had enough of the cold! Want to find good land to homestead in Arizona or somewhere near the red rocks. would like a couple of acres or more and as little hassle with municipalities as possible. Will consider other warm states. Land must be under 5,000 or owner financed, legally.

  38. Hello all!
    We offer one-week INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL BUILDING courses at Lake Atitlan, Gautemala. Our course covers a variety of natural building themes and techniques, such as floor and wall systems, roofing, fuel-efficient stoves, and building with cob, stone, and natural plasters. Throughout the week you participants get in-depth lectures on natural building to deepen their understanding, and participate in practicals every day. Throughout the week you will build a complete rocket-stove in a local household! The course is super fun and you leave with real, applicable skills. Cost of USD $595 includes all course facilitation, materials, and field trips as well as all meals and lodging at the beautiful Bambu Guest House in Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Gautemala.

    MORE INFO: http://www.atitlanorganics.com/natural-building

  39. We have a fairly large amount of kiln dried milled cypress, ranging from 1″ to 3″ thick and up to 30” x 19′.

    The largest slabs are 3″ x 30″ x 19″.

    We are looking to sell off some to help cover rebuild costs of our river property in Wimberley (wiped out by the 2015 flood). Would love to talk about selling some of this. Some is pecky, some has great blue mineral patterns – all is good wood. Let me know. – Tom Tom@wenneson.com 408.598.5634

  40. This is not a comment per se but a request for action.
    I attended a workshop at the Cal-Earth institute in California last year and now I am beginning my own earth bag dome on my 20-care property in SW Utah.
    This is a remote part of the Escalante semi-desert and there are few people around to help with the construction.
    And I have lost the list of email addresses I once had of the people who went to the workshops and built a dome with me.
    So I would like to put the word out – if anyone is interested in getting hands-on experience in earth-bag construction, experience community, a chance to camp out on my land, where the deer and the antelope play, free water, one meal a day, and my offer to reciprocate on your earthbag project please get in touch with me at the above email addy.

  41. We have a bag filling machine for sale, I t has a ss hopper with a 4-5 cy capacity, 8 inch auger and ss chute, runs on 220v power but might could be easily converted to use a small gas engine. photos or video available.

  42. Natural Builder wanted for 3 months at a sustainable yoga community in Portugal.

    We need you to build a water tank, round house for storage of garden tool and receptacle roof for a shaded area.

    – 500 EUR per month
    – at least 1 yoga class per day
    – accommodation in tent
    – 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day
    – Community based living

    – 3 month commitment
    – Lead the project with volunteers at hand
    – advise other residence on natural building for their projects
    – work 5 days per week, 6 hours per day


  43. Hi,

    I’m 25 years old and I have a degree of civil engineering obtained in Belgium last year. In september I will start a second Masters degree at CAT (‘sustainability and adaptation in the built environment’). This degree is only parttime so I’m looking for a job in the natural building world at the same time. If anyone is looking to hire someone motivated and willing to learn please let me know.


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