7 Wonderful Examples of Earth-Sheltered Homes

Earth-sheltered homes—which typically feature either underground construction or homes built into slopes with soil against the walls and on top of the roof—are among the oldest forms of buildings. The houses are generally less susceptible to extreme temperatures outdoors. Below we visit seven wonderful examples of earth homes that show that underground living can be … Read more

Amory Lovins Claims that Renewable Energy Can Supply Our Future Needs

You often hear that fossil fuels are phasing out, and solar and wind power can’t produce enough electricity to meet the demand in coming decades, so some advocate the use of nuclear energy to fill the gap. But that’s not the thinking of Amory Lovins, the 76-year-old co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute in western … Read more

How Deconstruction Now Flourishes in Portland

There are several benefits to deconstruction versus mechanical demolition: environmental benefits, historical preservation and job creation are the big three. Shawn Wood, a construction waste specialist for the city of Portland, Oregon shares how its deconstruction ordinance came about. Wood said around 2013-2014 the country was coming out of a recession, and the city saw … Read more

Historic Stone Flour Mill Resurrected in Wyoming

When the 119-year-old Toomey’s Flour Mill in Newcastle, Wyoming was torn down to build a gas station, Wyoming Senate President Ogden Driskill bought the remains to save it. A stonemason has spent the last decade rebuilding the sandstone structure on Driskill’s ranch in the shadow of Devils Tower. The Newcastle Milling Co. and Electric Light … Read more

16 Essential Steps to Straw Bale Success

If you go to strawbale.com you can download a free subscription to “16 Essential Steps to Straw Bale Success” e-course.  For over two weeks you’ll receive a daily and information-packed lesson about straw bale construction in your inbox. Over 50,000 people have read it so far! Everything from  Design, Choosing Best Bales, Creating Custom Bales, Creating Niches, Prep … Read more

An Earth-Sheltered Home in Lyme, New Hampshire

Built in 1980, this 1,731 square foot, three-bedroom home was originally designed by architect Don Metz, who designed several earth-sheltered homes in the Lyme, New Hampshire area. The owners added solar power and heat pumps, making the home come into its full potential, with limited use of fossil fuels. The home has passive solar heat … Read more