Re-Imagining the Future of Architecture

Ronald Rael, practices architecture and holds a chair at the University of California, Berkeley. His work often connects indigenous and traditional material practices with contemporary technologies. In an interview with ArchDaily, Rael shared some reflections on the evolution of his work, the role of technology in the development of architecture, its social utility, and the … Read more

A New Video About Building with Hyperadobe

I recently discovered the folks who run and who have produced a number of video programs. I was particularly impressed with this video about building with hyperadobe that they call “The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Hyperadobe Earthbags: Pros, Cons, & Cost Savings” They say, “After 4 years of experimenting, here’s everything we know about hyperadobe … Read more

Expo in Qatar Features Rammed Earth

Last year’s International Horticultural Expo in Doha, Qatar, showcased the region’s environmental preservation and agricultural innovation. Architecture practice BIG was inspired by the deep roots and intertwined branches of the local Ghaf Tree to create a dome-shaped labyrinth made out of rammed earth. The structure frames a series of exhibition galleries and 32 gardens to … Read more

Recycled Plastic Can Replace Wood

Nathan Gray, CEO of Plastic Recycled, has an endless supply of raw materials for his products. The company’s tagline is “creating new life from single-use plastics.” Plastic Recycled has partnered with municipalities, businesses, and community organizations to set up 36 collection sites throughout Massachusetts, NH and Maine to collect recycled material, particularly hard-to-recycle plastics including … Read more

Renovating an 18th Century Stone Barn

Africa Lao had spent her career designing homes from an office in Barcelona, so when she moved to the country to get closer to nature, she was inspired to transform a crumbling 18th century stone barn into a small, minimal dream home. Located in the middle of protected forest, the location was an urban refugee’s … Read more

The Future of Straw Bale SIPs

Natural building communities have striven for decades to establish straw as a viable building material, but have until recently focused primarily on fostering labor intensive hand-stacked straw bale construction methods. Progressive architects, engineers, and builders have incrementally refined the method of straw bale construction such that the best built straw bale homes rival the performance, … Read more