Touring a Sufi Community in New Mexico

Yesterday I had a wonderful and rewarding experience of touring a nearby Sufi Community along with other members of our local Permaculture Group. We were invited there by Sequoia and Sunny to immerse ourselves  for a few hours in their nearly self-sufficient life. I was quite impressed by the extent of their accomplishments during the … Read more

Low Carbon Ways to Provide Shelter

In 2010, climatologists said Pakistan’s floods that year were “the worst natural disaster to date attributable to climate change”. Despite having less than 1% share in carbon emission, the country is ranked 8th in terms of exposure to climate hazards. Let’s stop sleepwalking towards the destruction of our planet by climate change. Private homes are … Read more

Global Peace Week Explores 7 Core Needs

I joined this panel to explore the idea of providing comfortable shelter for all animal and human life on Earth. The 90-minute plenary invited leaders in the field of ancient & earth wisdom, natural building and community building with Ousmane Aly Pame, Kelly Hart & Mark Lakeman to respond to the following questions: What would … Read more

9 Magnificent Italian Villages

Here is a list of 9 magnificent villages from all over Italy with a noteworthy characteristic, a unique appeal, or an intriguing side. Bagnoregio has a beautiful landscape with a welcoming atmosphere, and the village is flourishing and is a tourist hot spot. Ostana embodies the charm of a town from a different era. Stone … Read more

Mama Linda Ecolodge in Flores, Indonesia

Mama Linda Ecolodge was built by the Indonesian company in the heart of Flores. Various forms of bamboo architecture were implemented in the construction, including space trusses using round bamboo and laminated bamboo beams. Some of the joints require masterly skill made possible by using a Balinese bamboo knife. They used the Dendrocalamus asper … Read more

The Palletable Cobin

Miguel Elliott has been on a journey to develop a building technique that is super affordable, quick to build, well insulated, and natural. What he has come up with is the “Palletable Cobin.” Back in 2010 Miguel was living at a retreat center in northern California and someone had built a shed framed entirely with … Read more