“The Float” Floats Your Sustainable Boat

Studio RAP, based in the Netherlands, designed “The Float”, a sustainable home that floats on water. It is primarily constructed from cork and timber, and the building has a green roof. “Our client asked us to design an innovative and sustainable floating home along the picturesque canals,” Studio RAP said in a project statement. “Our … Read more

The Greening of America’s Building Codes

Building codes require that buildings be designed and constructed to ensure minimum health and safety standards. These codes have developed over centuries with the primary goal of protecting against the spread of fire. But building codes may actually be contributing to the fragility of the built environment as a whole. According to architect and author … Read more

Houses That Can Save the World

Many of our houses are defined by a pattern of consumption, from the raw materials to build them, to the fuel required to sustain them, and the waste generated by them. Despite an improvement in building energy efficiency, 2021 saw carbon emissions from building and construction hit an all-time high. Suppose that a house could … Read more

Balinese Eco Resort Features Sustainable Materials

The Ulaman Resort in Bali was designed by Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios. It was made from rammed earth, bamboo, natural stone, and recycled timbers, as well as SIP panels that have a low carbon footprint because they combine recycled EPS with earth-based, fiber-reinforced polymer renders, allowing them to be strong, lightweight, and insulated. The … Read more