A House Made Entirely From Plastic Bottles? You Bet!

“In rural Nigeria, a few creative visionaries have created something called bottle brick technology that allows them to build strong structures using water bottles and soil. After sourcing plastic water bottles from nearby streets and dumps, the builders pack them with soil. By stacking the bottles on top of one another and binding with mud and string, they’re able to create a functional house. Not convinced? The developers say, “Once filled, the bottles are eighteen times stronger than regular bricks, and can withstand earthquakes and bullets.” It takes about 14,000 plastic bottles to build the incredible house featured in the video above.

These bottle brick houses could potentially provide a solution for the housing problem currently happening in rural Nigeria. Traditional houses have become too expensive for many people. On the other hand, bottle brick houses cost about a third of the price of traditional housing (since their raw material is virtually free), offering an eco-friendly and price-sensitive alternative to the local community. The developers of bottle brick technology hope that it will catch on in other communities within the country — and beyond.”

More at the source: Ignite

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