Abe’s Farm, New Website and Book — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting site. I like the cloth-form techniques they use, but I worry about the structural integrity of their rapidobe wall construction technique. Other than compression from adding more infill during construction, how does rapidobe become compressed to the point that it becomes a viable load-bearing structural element? I’m glad I saw buttresses on the walls, I guess… :-S

    • We compact it as we fill, similar to rammed earth. It doesn’t have to be load bearing, actually, as you have a row of posts on both sides of the wall. We made straight walls, but curved walls won’t need the buttresses.

  2. Abe has been leaving comments on the rotational grazing blog post from the other day about Allan Savory’s land restoration method:

    It’s good to hear some first hand input from a regular contributor. Judging by the photos he’s done a marvelous job of improving his land. Abe has been sending me more links to Allan Savory’s method. It really is worth looking into.

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