Activists Build Tiny Houses To Defend Against Oil Pipeline

Ten tiny houses are about to go head-to-head with a giant proposed oil pipeline. In what some area already dubbing the next ‘Standing Rock’, Kanahus Manuel, an activist of the Secwepemc Nation is spearheading a team of builders and volunteers from all over North America to construct tiny homes with the aim of halting the expansion of the Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline which would run through 518 kilometres of Secwepemc Territory.

The proposed pipeline comes just 3 years after the disastrous incident at Mt Polley, where water and slurry with years worth of mining waste were released into Polley Lake.

This group of dedicated activists say that building the tiny homes is not only an act of resistance, but also of creation, building something beautiful, to create hope and create homes for the community.

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Tiny House Warriors Website
Wow, they’ve lived on this land for thousands of years and never signed any treaties with westerners.

7 thoughts on “Activists Build Tiny Houses To Defend Against Oil Pipeline”

  1. Seems to me a permanent structure with a basement would prevent them from telling you to move and/or make them need to go around you/the property.
    Further, a house on wheels is nice for mobility but is inherently attached to a means of transport which is dependent upon use of oil for fuel.
    Seems this is not very well thought out as an anti-oil message.

    • “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” – Winston Churchill

      This community is in a major fight to block a pipeline across their land by a powerful opponent. They need to mobilize and act quickly. The building season in Canada is short, and the ground in mountainous area is very rocky. Pointing out flaws in people is seldom productive. People who are seriously concerned get off the couch and help people.

  2. This is a great story that’s bigger than just tiny houses or sustainable building alone. It shows how people can come together and peacefully protest against injustices.

    My advice is to build as many of these tiny houses as quickly as possible. Imagine if hundreds of people showed up to help. If there’s 20, 50, 100 houses in the path of the proposed pipeline then there would be a huge outcry to block the project.


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