Amazing Builder’s Bicycle-Powered Tiny House

“This tiny house is filled with super clever design elements, including some amazing ways of powering the house! From a bicycle generator to an old-fashioned water wheel, builder Phil has not been afraid to try out some unique ideas.

Located amongst the beautiful botanical gardens of Tofino in British Columbia, the tour of this artistic and whimsical home is one you won’t want to miss!”


2 thoughts on “Amazing Builder’s Bicycle-Powered Tiny House”

  1. I think you’ll find bicycle powered generators are not very efficient, even the good designs. (This one looked just bolted together.)

    • The point of a bicycle generator is not efficiency, it’s having power when you otherwise wouldn’t. The other part being you now have an immediate, tangible reward for your workout. If I had to bike to power my laptop, there’d be about 20 pounds less me.


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