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  1. I’m Mrs;Star Perez Diaz I want to know how much it cost this kind of up and down bamboo;house and how many days it will repairs please add me in my Email
    I found it nice and your company to make this kind of bamboo house in my lot
    Please send me the plan and quotations soon as possible
    Thank you

  2. Planning to build it in thePhils.How much is it? What’s inside it? How many bedrooms,bath room does it had?Can you give me more details inside. Thanks.

  3. $3 to $5 a day. THAT’S so wrong on so many scales. Is this the Communist version of fair? Yes, it keeps people working but, is the food, fuel, clothing, housing sold in pennies? I can support the Vietnamese but, this just seems crazy BUT, they’ve been doing it this way for a long time I suppose, it just seems……weird to live on so little.

    • The cost of living is low and so the money is sufficient to live on. They’re probably happy to have jobs.

  4. Thanks Owen. I found that to be very interesting information. A place like Hawaii would be an excellent place to grow bamboo for building “IF” you can control it’s spread. After all, it’s classified a grass. Or, as some believe a weed but, it would be great if they could do all the growing and manufacturing closer to the states.

    • It’s far less expensive to grow, harvest and build the frames in Vietnam. Workers make around $3-$5 per day instead of $50-$100, plus there’s less overhead, cheaper land, etc.

  5. Nice home and Apropedia is an interesting site. Any idea of the life span of bamboo when used in homebuilding Owen? It’s amazing that America is just now embracing it’s use. Mostly used for flooring. It hasn’t been that many years in use here considering how long different areas of the world have been using it. Thanks

    • Durability of bamboo: search our blog for my blog post about code approved bamboo in Hawaii. A company there spent 1/4 million $ or so to get a certain species of bamboo code approved. They grow and treat the bamboo in Vietnam and ship pre-built homes in sections worldwide. The treatment process is the key. Untreated bamboo will quickly be destroyed by insects.

  6. Apropedia suffers from information overload. It’s not as organized as other wiki’s. While some stuff maybe useful the majority of what I’ve seen has not been. But eventually it may be very promising and probably does have big things on there.

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