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  1. So what I like most from this post is how they curved the corner, looks cool and seems to be more structural then breaking and starting in the corner, more Monolithic as you all are known for saying.

  2. Hello,

    Any chances you know how to get in contact with people from Auwa Earth from Australia? I’ve been sending them emails but no replies so far.

    Any help I would really appreciate it.

  3. I’d love to hear how well earthbag walls block radiation from the TSA’s VIPR scanning vans. Typical matchbox house walls don’t block the eyes of those perverts. I think with one foot thick earth walls it would make the scanners useless to see in but some radiation will still enter due to the halving distance of 3.6 inches.

    • Great point. Does anyone out there have experience in this area? Are there additional steps one could take to block hazardous rays (in addition to earth-sheltering/building underground)?

      Maybe someone would like to write a guest post on this topic?

      • Scanning cars? Wow, you have fancy stuff in the US.
        Just my 2cents: have your windows as high located as possible. Windows should be wide but not tall, pretty much as the middle one of the first posted picture (but higher located). Next would be having a wall in front of your house (maybe 1.5meter distance from your door with a width of 2-3 time the width of your door). Almost the same one as old Chinese houses have to prevent from bad ghosts.

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