Barrel Oven Planning — 5 Comments

  1. Well, this would definitely make for the ultimate summer kitchen! I was thinking about doing one of Sigi Koko’s cob oven workshops and this looks like it would be the perfect hybridization between smoker grill and cob oven. My only question is where would you source a non-contaminated steel drum?

    Any suggestions…Or if I find a means I will share:)


    • This oven is much like a cob oven except the internal parts are steel. So most people don’t need both. Smokers are completely different.

      Countless products come in steel drums. I’m sure you can track down something nontoxic, although I can’t give you the specifics. Search ‘food grade’ steel drums.

  2. Owen, you are correct. Barrel ovens are relatively simple . . . and I’m currently revising my version to suit a greater variety of skill levels. Using easy to obtain parts will make this a favorite for the DIY project enthusiast.

    I’ve recently added a simple hinge to the door, that has never been used on a barrel oven I’ve seen. But the secret is the Rocket-Stove fire technology used to bring the oven to a temperature favored by PIZZA lovers.
    With my added convection …pizzas are baked at 700 deg. in 2 minutes!
    . . .enjoy the attached photos.

    • I think you’re on to something big. Many people would rather buy the parts or the complete stove rather than make it from scratch, especially if you have an improved design. Keep us posted on the price, ordering info, etc.

  3. It would be great if someone documented their barrel oven and published the instructions on

    Barrel ovens are relatively simple, but they do require a certain amount of know-how that’s not readily available on the Internet at this time.

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