Best, Must See Video from the 2017 Tiny House Summit

Brad Kittel from Pure Salvage and Tiny Texas Houses just blew me away with what was to me, beyond doubt, the best video from the 2017 Tiny House Summit. The hour long video actually gave me goose bumps. As I was watching I kept saying things like “slam dunk, slam dunk” as Brad eloquently explained his salvage tiny house solution to solve the web of problems facing our world today -– homelessness/ lack of affordable housing, unemployment, lack of decent paying jobs and job training, environmental degradation, lack of community, respect for elders and future generations, health problems from ‘sick housing syndrome’ and more.

The host, Steve Hargadon, looked a little stunned as he was interviewing Brad. At the end of the video, Steve said “There hasn’t been a presentation even close to this during the event. I think it’s going to get some attention.” Unfortunately, the video is not on the Internet at this time and so there’s no way to embed it into this blog post. The video is now only available as a package from the Tiny House Summit website. But don’t get discouraged, because the video below summarizes the same basic information in about four minutes.

For detailed information, one good option to consider is Brad Kittel’s Salvage Mining DVD set that explains how to safely and efficiently salvage materials from old barns and houses. Even if you’re building with earthbags, straw bales, adobe, etc. you could still use this wood for your roof, doors, windows, interior walls, trim, flooring, etc. as well as getting lots of free hardware, bathtubs, antiques and other valuable materials.

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    • Yes, that’s wonderful. He’s doing lots of good things. I’m on the verge of emailing Brad to encourage him to hire a film documentary crew to help his message go viral. He has all the pieces in place. He just needs wider exposure from a really good documentary or the equivalent.


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