Best Places to Live with Minimal Building Codes: Washington County, MO — 7 Comments

  1. I’m interested in Washington County but I have concerns about the lead contamination. Any information on the subject would be appreciated!!

  2. Minimal codes in Iron and Wayne counties. Cheap land, too! I think that most counties in Mo that do not have a big town, are pretty minimal on codes.

    • You’re following this topic? It’s been our most popular topic for years. That’s why I write regular stories about it. Search our blog for keywords such as ‘minimal codes’ or ‘no building codes’. Maybe someday we can condense all this information into a free ebook.

  3. I live in st. Louis and we will be looking for a homestead soon. I was told Washington county was great. Franklin county is also building code friendly as well. Our climate here is great. We enjoy all 4 seasons and there are alot of rivers in the area. The only downside would be mane an earthquake, the New Madrid fault line isn’t far ( although we haven had a bad earthquake since the 1800’s, and tornadoes. We are in part of tornado alley so a basement or underground cellar is a must.

  4. I believe many other rural parts of Missouri have minimal codes. Anyone living there with an update?

    Please send us your suggestions for areas with minimal codes. We get emails and comments from readers in Oklahoma. Where’s the best place to live there?

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