Bio-Construction with Adobe or Earthbag Building — 15 Comments

  1. Will you be returning to Puerto Rico to give another hands on work shop?? I recently learned about earth bag and cob homes and have decided its the home for me. Can you please post if you will be back here, I would love to learn from you!

  2. Hi I am very interested in learning about earth bag and cob building codes in Puerto Rico . I am planning to buy land here and construct my home in this manner. Would like any info that would make the legal issues if any easier if possible.

    • Keep reading our websites. We have thousands of pages of information on every topic about earthbag building and other types of natural building. This is also covered in my Earthbag Building Guide (link at top of page).

      In summary, the first step is to get a packet of information for owner-builders. Learn as much as you can before asking building officials too many questions. Then go back with a list of specific questions along with articles, earthbag tests, books, etc. to show them. They may not be familiar with earthbag building and so you may have to bring them up to speed.

  3. Good Morning,

    I live in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. I am looking for a supplier in Puerto rico for bags to make an earthbag retaing wall sytem on my property. my curent house faceces basically south. My back yard is aprox 1/2 acre. It is all down hill. digging down less than a foot I find the hill is comprised of clay. I was hoping to use a clay and portland mix to build the walls. I then can use all of the top soil, compost and other top soil to terrice the property to plant garden veggies, Plantains and so forth. I have alreadt started by making a sod retaing wall 3′ at the bottom, taperd to 1′ at the top. Also I soon hope to begin remodling an making an addtion. I would like to incorporate Earthbags between a cement block exterior and wooden interior on the western and southern exposure for mass to keep the house cooler and to dampen noise.

  4. Jenn – I would be very interested in knowing what details you and your family finally decide on. I am currently scoping out both Belize and Costa Rica as places to relocate to and build an earthbag structure. Anything you might share would be much appreciated – never did like reinventing the wheel! my email is pliplocked AT gmail . com

  5. Owen,

    My husband is working on our plans for our earthbag home in Belize. We will be in an area that is very wet 6 months out of the year. He has made some modifications in consideration of the tropical/sub-tropical climate there but still has some concerns regarding moisture. With our 2 young children and a planned trip to Belize coming up, a workshop in PR isn’t an option for us now. Would you be available via email for him to bounce some ideas off of you or another individual experienced in tropical earthbag construction?? Thanks!

    • Hi Jen,

      I know its several years later, but I am just wondering if you were able to build something in a tropical climate and if so how it has been working for you. I would like to build in Hawaii and am looking for the same kind of info. Thanks!

      • Unfortunately, no. We ended up separating shortly after our 10 year aniverssary trip to Belize. If memory serves me correct, I think one of the modifications my ex-husband made to our original plans involved lava rocks in the earth bags. If I find our finished plans, I’ll post a link to them. Good luck!

  6. Almost 9 hours and still can’t upload the image or edit the link because the toolbar doesn’t work. How’s that for crummy service?

    24 hours later and the site is still not working correctly. We’re going to switch to a new host soon. Bye bye Blue Host.

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