Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rising ecoresort in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland
Blue Moon Rising ecoresort in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

“Blue Moon Rising (BMR) on Deep Creek Lake will be what we believe to be the area’s most innovative development to date. In partnership with Mother Nature, an #ecotourism retreat like no other is being created in the heart of Garrett County in Western Maryland. Using the landscape as a guide, natural structures that boast an ecologically tiny impact will be blended harmoniously with the wooded mountainside, overlooking Deep Creek Lake.

In 2008 founder Lisa M. Jan had the unique vision to integrate vacation rental properties with sustainable educational services. Lisa was interested in exploring a new way of thinking about development that fostered an understanding for the natural environment- a built environment that preserves the existing.

As a center for sustainable education Blue Moon Rising is dedicated to cultivating economic, environmental, and social sustainability.”

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