How to Build Your Own Underground Home — 7 Comments

  1. Hello

    You state:
    “Free ebook on Scribd: How to Build Your Own Underground Home, 2nd edition, 212 pages, by Ray G. Scott.”

    Well the book may be free but after registering and loggging in to Scribd it will not allow the download until I picked a paid subscription model.

    Even the so called “first month free” tells you which subscription choice will apply afterwards and then demands credit card or PayPal details before proceeding.

    Fortunately withe the help of Google I was able to find a free pdf which I successfully downloaded. From what I have read so far it will be a most useful source.


    • Some people do. Most don’t. You have to evaluate your local conditions and decide if you think it’s justified. The cement will help stabilize it.

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