Building an Adobe Home Video — 4 Comments

  1. I love this idea, I am a native american who would love to build this as a example for my people. We have to wait for housing and or abide by policies to own a home. And I am a beadworker-self provider not dependent on anyone to provide for my family. My husband retiring..our main reason to just build.
    I would like to buy a plan on this particular adobe home if possible.
    Enjoyed this website and the amazing homes/shelters built. Appreciate what you do.
    Jacqueline Cantsee-artist

    • The plans for a house like this can cost $10,000 from an architect. A low cost alternative is to build one section at a time like people did 100 years ago. Start with a main living area such as the living room with a bathroom. Add rooms later as time and resources permit. Get some graph paper and maybe a good book on adobe houses from the library and figure out basic plans on your own. Have a carpenter friend etc. check things over before starting. Don’t make rooms too big or the roofs become too difficult.

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