Candle Powered Clay Pot Heater with Fan

“Candle Powered Heater! (Improved!!) DIY Radiant Space heater! (with fan!!). Easy DIY. Produces 170F+ Temps. Since about half of all the heat from a clay pot heater is typically concentrated at the top of the heater, it just quickly rises straight to the ceiling and is “in effect” lost (or at least “not felt”). This new design attempts to tackle that problem by directing the hot air where you want it (in your personal living space, not at the ceiling). In this new design a vent tube and fan combination is used to trap all of the heat not radiated outward from the sides of the pot and directs that heat into the living space!. The fan is a standard 80mm computer case fan (handles the heat fine). Bolts are 2″ long (5/16 hex bolts) *not 2 1/2″ as stated in video although 2 1/2″ or 3″ ones should work fine. Vent tube used is 5″ but buy the right size to fit the flower pot you have.”

Will this heat a tiny home? I think these clay pot heaters are best suited for adding supplemental heat where it’s needed — your office desk, etc. Add a metal base with legs and handles so it can be moved around. You might get by without a larger heat source in hot climates.

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