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Can anyone in Europe help line up contacts, home tours, etc.? Their contact info is on our Bulletin Board.

Hello friends,
My name is Ivo Christov and I’m writing you this letter from Sofia, Bulgaria. Allow me to introduce myself with few words: I and my wife are founders of “Charity on Wheels” Foundation, recently established and created for one simple purpose – to build an ecological village made only by earthbags. This idea is very innovative, nature-friendly, beautiful and cheap.

With this intention and for that reason we are going to raise money through a European tandem bike tour including Greece, Albania, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Nederland, Deutschland, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.
The thing that we want from you is to help us with contacts, people, ideas, eventual workshops or places to visit and see already build domes of earth bags across the Europe.

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,

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  1. Dear Owen,
    Thank you for exposing our letter to you in your blog, for all future friends our e-mail is

    Miguel, we will be delight to meet you when we come to Spain. We shall visit your blog and be in touch.

  2. Hi!
    My name is miguel i’m from Spain.
    My E-mail is
    I’m working for a 3 domes in Spain. In this villages Capdesaso (Huesca), near from Guadalajara and maybe near from Ávila.
    This summer i will working with “Kupul-arte” association. They wants to build domes and others buildings how straw walls, and hiper_adobe.
    If you come to Spain please write me and i will write you.
    good luck bicycle rider!!!
    Visit my bolg


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