Christina Atkins’ Pinterest Site

Bottle wall photo at Christina Atkins’ Pinterest site
Bottle wall photo at Christina Atkins’ Pinterest site

I really love the Internet. I just learned of another cool way to share ideas called Pinterest. It’s an “online pinboard” to “collect the things you love.” I stumbled onto Christina Atkins’ site and was happily surprised to see not only some of my projects, but also other interesting pics. I loved the whole collection. Let’s call it instant bonding of like minds.

Hmm. Maybe I should get a Pinterest site to organize my favorite pics? Maybe pics like these:
Beautiful Houses
Earthbag Roundhouse
Slide Show of Earthbag Buildings
Cool Ecovillage Pics
Adding Character and Style to Your Home
Photo Post #1
Natural Building Photo Galleries

Source: Christina Atkins Pinterest

Update: Luke’s comment below prompted me to explore Pinterest some more. I just found their Home category that has tons of awesome photos. This is a must see collection of interesting home design pics.

6 thoughts on “Christina Atkins’ Pinterest Site”

  1. What? Christina Atkins here! What a surprise to find upon googling myself for the first time in years.

    I absolutely love your work here. The internet is a small world, eh? One of my friends took a year off to go coast to coast and blog about it, and when I searched for earthships, some of the first photos that popped up were hers.

    I love Pinterest because it helps me keep my hard drive free of a million images, I can find the original links (plus they provide credit where credit is due) and my husband prefers I Pinterest over cat videos. (I can’t claim that I never watch them though.)

  2. I must be missing something. Why is pinterest different from photo blogs like you find on tumblr, or really any blog host? I mean, I’m not against it or anything I just don’t get why it’s special. I’d appreciate being enlightened… :)

    • It’s the interactive properties that seem most appealing. Luke said it best — “It’s the creativity and personalization of etsy, with a picasa like interface, facebook like sharing, but all DIY kind of stuff.”

  3. Excellent! Glad my comment prompted you to explore pinterest further. My wife has made candles out of tangerines, made different jams, had decoration ideas and other things coming from shared ideas. It’s the creativity and personalization of etsy, with a picasa like interface, facebook like sharing, but all DIY kind of stuff. Pretty cool if you ask me. Be careful though,you can spend hours there.
    For my wife, it’s either pinterest or cat videos. Guess which one I prefer she’s on.

  4. My wife is addicted to pinterest ever since she found it. I think she’s on it more than facebook now, which is a pretty big deal, haha. She’s had the best, most creative ideas come from there.

    • I think it’s a really interesting idea. It’s different than the standard Picasa type photo album. I may very well start pulling together my favorite pics next time I have a chunk of spare time.

      Update: Luke, thanks for the tip. I added an update to the blog post encouraging readers to check out the Home category at Pinterest. Awesome.


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