Cover Shot Chosen for New Earthbag Book — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Owen:

    I applaud the sentiment and your thematic purpose behind picking that structure for your cover shot, but I’d counsel you to reconsider using that particular photo: I’m a photographer, writer, editor for 30 years, and in my experience the cover art that most powerfully draws attention and the desire to buy is at the very least well lit or in some other way visually compelling.
    Good example: the book Earthbag Building book by Hunter and Kiffmeyer, which has an enchanting picture of the author’s Honey Dome…while it too has the main building in shadow, it’s a twilight shot, and the warm, comfortable and very inviting interior (why we build these things in the first place) is powerfully soul-warming.
    This photograph you have chosen, unless I’m reading the post wrong, seems to be promoting the roof, since that’s the only thing in it that has any light. It’s also shot mid-day, in bluish light, the worst light for a good photo, and I’m sure you’ve got another, stronger picture that really says “earthbag building” in a more appealing way.
    I apologize if this sounds critical: it’s meant to support you to reach and influence as many people as you can, as you’ve done so much for the movement already.
    Wishing you the best success

    • Thanks for the input, Jim. I really appreciate it. That’s not the actual photo. Julien is going to reshoot a high resolution pic just for the book.

      It’s not easy finding a great pic. Most people don’t publicize their structures, so there are limited options. Please email me if you have a better suggestion.

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