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A Good Home Forever “A Good Home Forever” shows the amazing possibilities of Retrofitting, taking an ordinary suburban ‘box’ and converting it into a good, practical, livable home forever.

The film is introduced by eco design architect Nigel Bell and features permaculturalist Rosemary Morrow showing us what she did with her house, from start to finish.

“A Good Home Forever” has been made to contribute to the growing knowledge and popularity of retrofitting which is gaining wonderful momentum as people realize the huge benefits of reusing and recycling building resources to help achieve a carbon neutral lifestyle and to recreate healthy, vibrant and resilient communities.”

Buildings that Breathe “Most traditional buildings of India were built on sustainable principles because they did not have electricity. Today, many architects are reviving these techniques to reduce the burden on the environment. The film, ‘Buildings that Breathe’ looks at some of the new breed of architects who epitomize the fresh wave of green architecture. Shot in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and New Delhi, the film looks at the most interesting pieces of green architecture.”

Sheltered – Underground and Off the Grid “This documentary chronicles the building of the largest underground farm in the world. This underground farm is entirely off the grid and runs primarily on solar power. This documentary shows how and why this earth shelter complex was built. Watch as Adam Bearup (Hybrid Homes) leads his award winning team through blizzards, sketchy building plans, and unbelievable odds all in the hopes of bringing about change. Many people have wondered why a group of people would go through such trouble to build this incredible project, the team sums it up in one word: ‘Awareness’.” [Note: this house is made of steel and concrete, not natural materials. However, the video is very high quality and has lots of useful information. I’ve included it here because underground/off-grid houses are very popular.]

Wilson Natural House
Of Straw and Earth
A Dome in Peka Peka
Cameron Sinclair on Open Source Architecture

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  1. These documentaries are in general far above the average YouTube videos we’re used to. This site is highly recommended.


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