DIY Advice: Barn Cabin Man Cave She Shed Tiny House

Good advice from a do-it-yourselfer. Even with no building skills or experience, this gentleman built his own tiny house primarily by himself and saved about $15,000 – $20,000. I like his can-do attitude.

“I built this two story 12×24 barn with 8×12 bump out by myself in my spare time over the last year or so. DO NOT buy a kit or hire it out, you CAN do it yourself. It is NOT as hard as you might think. I had NO PLANS and no help. I just had an idea in my head how i wanted it to look and just went for it. I just started with a 12×24 SQUARED foundation and just went from there. I made decisions as they were presented to me and it all worked out.

Here is the website to calculate your gambrel roof trusses. This is REALLY EASY! Don’t buy them!”
He does an excellent job of combining salvaged, recycled and repurposed materials to build a very personal, comfy home.

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