DIY Ferrocement Domes and Vaults — 3 Comments

    • This sort of thing was becoming popular when I was a young man during the oil crisis of the 70’s. There was no Internet then of course. Mother Earth News was the best source of information, plus some books. These formative experiences set me on a lifelong path of learning about natural building.

  1. Another early pioneer of environmental awareness and steel boat building construction, was Gilbert Klingel. Gilbert was the father of one of our board members, Marcy Benouameur.

    The book Inauga, published in 1937, was about Gilbert’s 1930 scientific voyage out of the Chesapeake Bay, heading to the Bahamas through a 10 days storm.

    Here’s a link to the book with some neat old pictures.

    Gilbert Klingel shares with Fabre and a few other naturalists a rare ability to describe the life of a restricted area in terms that invest it not only with fascination but with rich meaning.


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