Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich — 7 Comments

  1. Whose to say that when you are ready to fly to your “bolt hole” that planes will be flying? Even a private jet possibly need to stop for fuel along the way… Then again going by yacht? Pirates? Weather systems? Pleeeaassee!!! Your “bolt hole” should be “in the country” and not too far from your home if not IN your home. NZ has no nuclear plants ya’ll….U.S. is fully spotted with them (“energy plants” or “utility plants” where you wouldn’t think…

  2. I wouldn’t ever consider bugging out on the opposite side of the planet, then again I don’t live in a city, let alone a death trap like LA or NYC. If something major b shall happen, good luck getting across the street, city, or even an airport. I quit everything, packed up, and bugged out once on a false forecast… Glad I didn’t end up that far from every meaningful tie. How about living a meaningful sustainable life you big wigs?

  3. Surely NZ has advantages, not the least of which is it’s stunning beauty. I spent many months there while traveling. But it would not be my choice for bugging out. The main problem being its geographic location is smack on the ring-of-fire. They have thousands of earth quakes every year. Major parts of Christchurch have had to be abandoned due to continuous seismic activity. Auckland itself is surrounded by more than 50 dormant and not so dormant volcanoes, with a huge active one in the middle of it’s main harbor. If that one goes it will obliterate the city. As the planet heads more toward instability these areas will become most vulnerable. It’s hard to imagine that the “super” rich have not factored this in, but maybe they know something I don’t.

    • Good point about the earthquakes.

      These super rich investors may very well know things we don’t because some of them work at very high levels in the government. Peter Thiel for instance developed the palantir software that unites the computers of all the different intelligence agencies. And many are high level bankers and investment brokers who know the true state of the financial system.

  4. If 14,000 people from the Western world move to New Zealand, they are going to destroy it. They are going to want an SUV each, homes with air conditioning, showcase gardens like back home, access to airports, shopping malls with MacDonalds and Walmart… No ! This is a terrible idea !

    Surely this can’t be what native NZ people want to see happening ?

  5. My guess is that they simply think NZ is far from the hot spots, **including the US.** New Zealand is gorgeous and the weather is good. Society is casual, and the government and its people get along.

    The housing market there is on fire. I’ve read that two side-by-side houses changed ownership 3 times in one day. I forget the city/suburb they were in.

  6. Maybe these people know something we don’t? One big benefit of homesteading and living sustainably is you gradually become more prepared for hard times.

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