The Dragonfly Tiny House- 20′ with HIDDEN Stairs!

In this tour Derek “Deek” Diedricksen talks to the owner of Robinson Plans (John Robinson) about the company’s new tiny house on wheels “The Dragonfly”. This 20′ tiny home was one of the smaller travel trailers featured at the Colorado Springs 2016 Tiny House Jamboree.

It features a GREAT array of natural light and ventilation through its multitude of skylights, slider doors, AND custom stained glass windows. The Dragonfly tiny house ALSO contains a very clever expanding kitchen counter, a great looking (and spacious) bathroom and shower, and a hidden, sliding staircase for access to the home’s cozy sleep loft.

As I keep saying, these tiny house ideas can be used to design very space efficient small houses made of straw bales, earthbags and other sustainable materials. That’s what I would do unless you need to move the house later. Hats off to John Robinson for this excellent, highly livable tiny house. The tiny house movement is growing very fast and now attracting more professional designers, architects and builders whose collective input will benefit us all, whether we buy one or build something similar. Also, a shout out to Deek and the other tiny house sites that are doing such a great job documenting the tiny house movement.

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