Earth and Sun Earthbag Workshop, Taos, NM

“A co-creative community building a sustainable earthbag home: MAY 30 – SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 TAOS, NEW MEXICO

This workshop: we envision a diverse collective of people, women and men, young and old, experienced and inexperienced in building skills, joining together to build a sustainable and affordable home on the high desert of northern New Mexico. We invite a motivated, curious, and supportive group of 10 to 12 folks to engage in the various tasks in the building of an earthbag home. The project will be a collaboration of creativity, work, enjoyment, and play. Our vision is to co-create a high vibration, conscious experience — meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, bodywork, and playing music are encouraged.

Together, we’ll be building a beautiful earthbag building from raw earth to beautiful home within a four-month time frame. You are encouraged to join us for the entire process, but shorter increments are possible.

EARTH AND SUN SUSTAINABLE BUILDERS specializes in building classic earthship type homes and other structures designed in harmony with their environments.”

Earth and Sun Sustainable Builders

7 thoughts on “Earth and Sun Earthbag Workshop, Taos, NM”

  1. I love this…I want to learn to build this all the way through…I’ve watch your build in NM and am looking to do it in a hurricane zone.(island) Will this survive an E4?How thick are the bags?

  2. I would love to get information on anyone interested in creating a workshop here in Arizona. I’ve got an opportunity to build a earthbag home and would love to share this opportunity with community resources that are non profit.

    • You can post your proposal on our free Bulletin Board. See link at top of page. Also, there are lots of natural building websites that post workshop announcements. You can get it to work if you network and put in the necessary time and effort.


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